Sunday, July 26, 2015

Ever been to La King's in Galveston?

Here the Taffy Maker Man sends a long slug of taffy through one of the machines that will pull, cut or wrap it like magic. If you stand there long enough, he will toss you a piece of taffy.

La King's Confectionery is one of the places we always stop when we spend a Sunday afternoon in Galveston. There's an old-fashioned soda fountain and tons of old-time candy displayed behind glass-fronted antique counters. There's a lot more to La King's, but the taffy and ice cream sodas are my favorites.

I remember pulling taffy as a kid. My mother would pair us up and have us pull the sticky stuff apart, then come together, then pull apart. I'm sure we were enthused at first but then started complaining that a) this is sticky, b) this is hard, c) this is taking too long. Regardless, we had to keep going. When the taffy was of a looser, airier consistency than when we started, Mom would get it from us, cut it into squares and wrap it in cute little squares of waxed paper. 

Has anybody else pulled taffy? Leave me a comment below.