Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Sweet potatoes are taking over

I took it on faith that my sweet potatoes would vine out and spread wide. Now my faith has become sight. I'm having to fold my sweet potato vines back over themselves just to have room to walk in my garden. And to think that they started out so well-behaved when they were children.

Monday, July 20, 2015

Friends of the scarecrow

My late father-in-law told me that the scarecrow in his garden scared him more than it scared the birds. For that reason (ha), I don't have a scarecrow, but I do have an angry-looking fake owl and slithery-looking rubber snakes. These are purported to scare away animals and birds, but I'm not buying it. Squirrels avoid the owl's stare and enjoy a smorgasbord any time they like in my garden. Maybe they know that owls aren't really out in the daytime. And come on, who has ever seen snakes in neon colors?