Saturday, March 7, 2015

Here's an idea: Shower cleaning

If you have indoor plumbing, chances are you have outdoor plumbing, too, by way of the outdoor faucet. Now you can use your garden hose to clean your shower.
Open your bathroom window from the inside, line the window sill with a towel, and run your garden hose in.
A Quirky Cultivator exclusive! Who else do you know who would think of something this wacky yet effective?
Use whatever cleaner you usually use to clean the shower. It's best to clean the shower right after you take a shower. That way all that grime is nice and soft and easily removed.
Turn on the fan to dissipate the potentially dangerous fumes.
Use the spigot in whatever setting you need to power off the cleaner. I use the jet setting but have to be careful to dislodge only the grime and mold, not the grout.
To keep my shower sparkling clean, I use an automatic spray. You push the button and it sprays all the way around the shower. If you have hard water like I do, this device is handy for keeping the lime deposits under control. This is Scrubbing Bubbles Automatic Shower Spray. You buy the kit and then the refills.