Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Welcome to Weather Nerdsville

I'll admit right here on Quirky Cultivator that my husband and I have a nifty little weather station that transmits data from the top of a 15-foot pole. 

A few months ago I had a day of great drama as I monitored 5.84 inches of badly needed rain via a nerdly home weather station. I am willing to admit that my husband and I like to know exact measures of rainfall, temperature, humidity, dewpoint, barometric pressure (whatever that is), wind and other weather data vital to everyday life.

Sample text messages from today:
Husband: Boy is it raining down there!! Here too. Could barely see to drive to work!!!
Me: Like crazy. 4.3 inches since midnight!!! This is crazy!
Me: 5 in.
Me: Topped out at 5.84
Husband: 5.84 since midnight??? Wow!!!
Me: Indeed. Just suckered tomatoes and sprinkled diatomaceous earth. We got almost 6 in. of rain this morn.
Husband: Gee! That will help our rainfall deficit!! I bet ur garden really likes it. Also bet the gutters were really gutting!!!
Me: And the trenches were trenching. No patio flooding so good work on those trenches!

... and so on and so forth, with drastic overuse of exclamation points. What can I say? We're weather nerds.

Are you a weather nerd? Weather Channel addict? Please leave me a comment below!!!

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