Friday, September 18, 2015

Stretching myself

My yoga mat becoming one with the living room decor. 
So, do you think I can get a yoga body* if I do yoga one hour a day for a whole year? Plus eat a healthy diet and walk 3 miles a day?

That is my hope that I am going to work toward. (Inner journalist/editor: I mean, toward which I am going to work.)

In the past, yoga has been really good for me in terms of balance and flexibility. I wonder if this free spirit, being me, can buckle down to anything that has to do with self-discipline. Come along with me as I learn. And please keep me accountable.
* A yoga body, to my way of thinking, is long (already have that) and lean (meaning I have to get rid of this gut.) Also muscular, strong, flexible, non-flabby ...

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