Wednesday, August 5, 2015

Creative kids were worth the mess

My children had no trouble making their own fun. Likewise, both of my kids' children like to entertain themselves with books and stuffed animals, coloring and painting, and all manner of merry mess-making that is all to their creative good.

By Karen Nace

My children grew up in House of Creativity, but it wasn't a pretty sight. Most of the time it was just a great big mess.

A sturdy old coffee table -- left over from our rent-to-own furniture days, was the perfect height. My two preschool kids would sit on the floor and use that table as a base for whatever came into their heads to create.

They colored, made up games and used a lot of glue sticks. There may have been Elmer's glue involved, too.

The floor was a constant mess. Construction paper ended up in the smallest pieces possible.

To the craft mess they brought all manner of puzzles, building blocks and books. They made castles and Hot Wheels tracks. They put chairs together for magical sheet-tents. They ran around in their Batman capes. They got really muddy outside.

My house was a swirl of toys, paper and safety scissors. Every day the same tornado touched down.

But it's my children's creations that fill my memory and my scrapbooks. I think they learned to entertain themselves, think for themselves, express themselves.

Having sold the TV for the purpose of inspiring creativity, we were a one-income family going against the flow. It wasn't the easy way, but it was best for us.

Now as college students, my son and daughter wear their own individuality with confidence. And yes, they're creative. Maybe someday they'll have children who will live in their own House of Creativity.

This column was originally published in 2006 in The Facts newspaper, Clute, Texas.

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  1. "They ran around in their Batman capes"... and ONLY their batman capes


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