Saturday, July 4, 2015

How to make a gathering apron

Every day in the garden is like a treasure hunt, and I usually come in the house with more treasures than I expected. To help with the burgeoning harvest, I came up with this gathering apron that burgeons right along with the veggies. It ties around the waist and hangs down to about mid-thigh.

My gathering apron is 21 inches across, with 23-inch ties. The pouch itself is 8 inches deep, with a 5-inch back piece so the harvest doesn't tip over forward.

This is the back of the gathering apron. I'm sorry
this is not an actual pattern, but if you're somewhat
experienced at sewing, you'll be able to piece it
together. Sorry to be so bohemian. Drives people crazy.

As you add ribbon and seams to the apron, you will naturally be strengthening it. Be sure to use a heavy-duty needle and sew an "X" inside a square where the seams and ribbon come together.

If you zoom in I think you'll understand what I mean about reinforcing as you go.

Happy harvesting! I hope this fuzzy tutorial
will inspire you to make your own version.

Supplies (all from Hobby Lobby)
Heavy canvas-like material
(the color is actually called Garden Soil)
Cute 1-inch-wide ribbon
Cute 1.5-inch wide ribbon
Brown thread
Heavy-duty needle
Oh, sewing machine

Let me know how it goes! Leave a comment below.

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