Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Some kind of weird insect?

Recently I noticed that the leaves were dying on one of my tomato plants. So I started whacking off each stem that had brown, drooping leaves (my usual over-the-top solution).

As I whacked closer and closer to the stem, I saw a bunch of weird bumps.

What sort of evil insect would lay its eggs inside the stem of my tomato plant and lie in wait to kill the rest of my plants? The nerve. Always one for fast action, I euthanized the bumpy stem by pulling it out of the ground.

Then I happened to look up the problem on the internet. It turned out not to be insect or disease, but root initials.

From what I understand, this is where the roots get stressed, often from too much rain (perhaps from the 6 inches in one day?) and correspondingly too little air to circulate around the roots. The root initials are the plant's way of saving itself by developing little roots up and down the stem. So if I had kept the tomato plant in the ground it may have put down more roots and survived. Oh well. Plenty more where that came from.

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