Sunday, June 21, 2015

How to grill corn

One day, I decided to try grilling some
fresh corn. Being the skeptical sort, I had researched
it to death several years ago but had never tried it.
Well, it turned out tender and delicious! Not dry
like I thought it would be. Read on for how I did it.
Take off the husks and let the cobs soak in water for about an hour. This does not have to be an exact science.
Use a sheet of heavy-duty foil for each cob. Pour
a little olive oil on the foil and roll the cob in the oil.
Wrap them up tightly. This is what they'll look like.
Attractive, yes. I grilled them on indirect heat,
about 350 degrees. Indirect heat means it's not over
direct heat. Yeah. It took about 20 minutes, I think.
Just use long tongs to see if the kernels
feel tender. And be careful when you
open up the foil. Those babies are hot!

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