Saturday, May 9, 2015

How to remove suckers on your tomatoes

A tomato sucker grows in the upward-facing "elbow" of the stems.

You need to gently pinch off a sucker because soon it will be a full-fledged branch. Each extra branch takes energy from the main plant's ability to produce tomatoes. So you want to take off the suckers if you want to promote a good harvest.

Always pinch off the suckers to make your tomato plant grow upward, not outward. Growing upward makes the plant concentrate on producing tomatoes rather than on producing more stems. It gives your plant more water, nutrients, air and light
and brings higher yields. I pinch off my suckers every day, but then I may be a little compulsive about it.

You might want to congratulate me on the striking text and line I was able to add to these photos. They represent the breadth of my knowledge for such things in Photoshop Elements.

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