Thursday, May 7, 2015

How to make a photo wreath 2

See Part 1
Mount your color copies on thick black card stock. 
To get color copies, take your originals to the office-supply store and ask them to place them face down on the copier glass so you get about four to a page. I got mine printed on plain paper instead of photo paper. Although I am persnickety about quality, I knew the copies would look fine once mounted and laminated.

Supplies needed for the photo wreath:
Color copy of each photo for wreath
Gold foil stickers on which to write years
Black card stock
Lots of glue sticks
Plastic template
Black permanent marker
Hole punch
Christmas-ornament hooks
Now take the color copy mounted on black card stock, lay the plastic template over it, and use a pen to trace around the inside of the template window. Then cut out with scissors. 
Do this with each photo.
In making the photo wreath, I made what I call
my 3-year-old mess. As in the type of mess a
toddler would make. Somehow things just 
explode when I'm engrossed in a project.
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