Friday, May 15, 2015

How to grow cucumbers 3

The banded cucumber
beetle is 1/4 inch long
and has yellow-green body
with three yellow bands. 
Cucumbers have both male and female blooms. Male flowers open first and then drop off. Female flowers form the cucumber and need to stay put. If the female blooms drop off, use a Q-tip to touch the inside of each male and female flower to pollinate, thus encouraging fruiting.
The spotted cucumber beetle
is 1/4 inch long and is
yellow-green with 12 black spots. 

The squash bug is up to an inch
long and is reddish brown
when small and
gray-brown when grown.
Unfortunately, a number of pests will be waiting to make a meal of your cucumber plants.

You'll need to decide what insecticide to use (organic or inorganic) and spray regularly. Sevin is an inorganic choice. If you're an organic gardener, your options include sulfur, Bt-based insecticides. Of course, always follow the label directions.

Most diseases present as spots on the the upper or lower sides of the leaves. You should check the plants every day and spray them with the fungicide of your choice if diseases show up (and they will). Neem oil and sulfur are two of your fungicide choices; use them safely!

Don't wait until your cucumbers get yellow; get them when they reach the desired size and are green.

Cucumbers take a lot of work, but the results are worth it. Here's to a healthy harvest of cool, refreshing cucumbers. Enjoy!

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