Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Enlarging the compost enclosure

The original compost enclosure was between the white posts. We added a few feet to the right. Then I forked the pile, which was on the left, over to the right.
I might already have shared that the ideal compost pile is 3 ft x 3 ft x 3 ft, which according to the Chemist is 1 cu yd. Memorize that fact.

So ... My compost pile was about 1 cu yd. Because it was that size, the interior temperature got up to about 123 F before it cooled down about a week later to about 88F. I have found that the cooling down means the pile needs to be turned and watered to crank the heat back up.

I decided to enlarge my compost pile enclosure and add an extra "parking space" to the side. So the Chemist and I enlarged the compost enclosure using one more fence post and a little chicken wire. One was wired onto the other.

To test it out, I forked the compost (thus turning it) from the left side to the right side, adding a little fertilizer and water in layers.

The forking only took me about 20 minutes instead of the two hours last time. Yes, it's work, but I like that kind of work for some reason. It makes me feel great! Am I the only one who likes hard physical labor? Let me know in the comment section. - QC Karen

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