Monday, May 4, 2015

Cape Plumbago fills in nicely

I have named Cape Plumbago to my list of Plants That Take Over the World. If left unchecked, plumbago becomes this mounding, spreading thing 6 to 8 feet in all directions.

When my landscape bed was young, I planted plumbago there. In no time it was spreading as well as helpfully producing tiny versions of itself around the original. This kind of situation gives me a combined sense of panic and ruthlessness, so I yanked out all that pretty plumbago.

Now I have plumbago out in the little square of soil by the mailbox, where it will behave. Even so, it is so wildly successful that my husband cuts it back quite severely several times a year. It always comes back healthier than ever -- much to his chagrin.

See how my plumbago isn't blooming much right now? I think it got into a fight with some pruning shears, and lost.

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