Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Vintage treasure

Here on  Quirky Cultivator, I love sharing beautiful things. This pendant from the early 1960s was in my grandmother's jewelry box. It's obvious that fine workmanship went into creating this and all its sisters of different art glass, shapes and colors. 
The pendant is made of high-quality brass, with filigree elements artistically arranged on the back. I think someone in West Germany had a lot of fun coming up with the designs! As you can imagine, me being me, I have quite a few variations of these pendants.
Each necklace has the same heart, pearls and chain, but there are enough differences to make collecting them a joy.  They're so alike but so different, sort of like my three sisters and me coming out of the same household growing up.
Most high-quality vintage costume jewelry has some kind of signature worked into one detail or another. This maker's mark is so small that I had to take a picture of it through a magnifying glass. "Made in West Germany" is imprinted in minuscule lettering on the jump ring! (The jump ring is what the spring clasp fastens onto.) I hope my personal Maker's mark is a lot easier to find!

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