Wednesday, March 18, 2015

I just can't skirt the dress issue

Quirky Cultivator centers around not only gardening, but the rest of life.

And with a big square dance weekend coming up, I dug back into my archives and pulled out this article. I'll admit, I still have trouble working myself up to wearing the petticoat.-

By Karen Nace

“Mom, surely you’re not going out in that,” said my son, visiting from college. He was clearly concerned.

I looked down at my outfit.

“No, I just can’t do it.” I laughed and turned back to change clothes.

The next week I tried again. No way.

Finally I got up the courage. By golly, I had on my whirly-twirly outfit for a night out square dancing with my husband. Yee-haw.

My mauve-colored blouse and knee-length skirt were fine. My issue was with the ivory-colored petticoat – 60 yards of poufed up crinoline just waiting to take over the world.

I soon discovered that a square-dancing petticoat fills whatever space it’s given, in this case the front seat of the Honda. When we got to our destination, I self-consciously squeezed out of the car and the somewhat compacted petticoat sprang into action. It flounced me right up the stairs and into the Lake Jackson Civic Center. There, it propelled me into the reassuring presence of the Lake Jackson Promenaders.

“I feel like an inverted tulip,” I confessed to one of the ladies.

“It’s just a costume, Honey. Think of it as a costume You’ll get used to it.”

The Promenaders are wonderful people. They’re kind, courteous and very, very patient with me, a petticoat-propelled klutz.

One time I was supposed to Four Little Ladies Chain. Instead, I created a new dance step – the Barge Through – nearly knocking down two of the little ladies and sending the caller, J.C. Flowers of Lake Jackson, into fits of laughter.

I do know how to California Twirl, make an Ocean Wave and Weave the Ring. Star Through is pretty easy and I have the hang of the basic Swing. Keep in mind that it took 20 weekly lessons to even remotely get the hang of 70 basic moves.

Now my husband and I are badge-wearing members of the Promenaders and dance at least twice a month.

I’m still stepping through the complexities of square dancing. Luckily, my whirly-twirly petticoat is there to propel me through the Allemande Thar, Wheel and Deal, Flutterwheel and the still-puzzling Ferris Wheel.

Two hours of dancing is great exercise, and when I get home and take off my suede-soled dancing shoes, I have one more thing to do. I take back control of the petticoat.

Wrestling it back into its small compartment and zipping the bag closed brings an odd sense of satisfaction.

Ha, I win again. Now stay there.

This column was originally published 9/11/05 in The Facts newspaper, Clute, Texas

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