Thursday, March 12, 2015

How to make a baby afghan

I have six grandchildren and as much as I cherish them, I am way behind on making the baby afghans. The first two got theirs pretty early in life. I'm finishing the next two afghans, then I'll launch into the last two. Problem is, I have to be in the mood to crochet, and I haven't been in the mood for years. I think it's because I make such a mess with the yarn, crochet hooks, scissors, snipped yarn and all the other stuff I use. It's like the mess a 3-year-old would make. I'm just not that good at keeping things picked up during a project. But it's one of my life goals.

These baby afghans have been well-loved and are still holding up
to washings and typical little-kid wear and tear.
This pretty much shows what I do for the afghan and why I call it multi-media.

For the first two grandchild afghans, which they call their Mimi Blankets, I combined crochet, cross-stitch and sewing. I used soft baby yarn. The kids are now 7 and 5, so you know how behind I am.

I did single crochet, made a border, then finished up with a cross-stitched initial on the front and sewn-on satin on the back. The satin is to make the blanket absolutely irresistible to my littlest sweeties.

I do single crochet: 100 stitches across and about 33 inches long. This first afghan for some reason is a lot larger than subsequent ones.
For any crochet project, I tend to make it up as I go along. The reason for this is the type of instructions which are as follows: With Main Color, ch 105. Row 1: Right side - SC in 2nd ch from hook, *DC in next ch, SC in next ch*,repeat from * across row, ending with DC in last stitch (104 sts). Row 2: SC in 2nd chain from hook,... and so on and so forth for line after line of jibberish. Yikes.*

To personalize, I take a square of aida cloth, turn the edges under and cross-stitch the grandchild's initial, using an alphabet I printed off the internet.

I add decorative stitching then the alphabet square is ready to be mounted at the top of the afghan. After that it's time to sew the silky fabric on the back.

*Gotta love those asterisks

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