Thursday, May 8, 2014

Oh those crazy tomatoes

Seven weeks ago I planted sad, spindly, 2-inch-tall tomato plants. Now look at them -- some are over 3 feet high! Realistically speaking they'll probably reach 8 feet. Radioactive soil? That's certainly possible but I sincerely hope not. Rather, credit goes to the mushroom compost I had brought in this year. Seven cubic yards and enough men to till it in and build my rows.

Half of my tomatoes are from seeds I started indoors in Dixie cups. The others were seedlings I bought when I lost faith in the Dixie-cup batch, which rallied when I decided to plant them in the garden.

So this year I have 50 tomato plants, way too many for just two people, so if you stay on my good side and you're local, I might turn my garden into a freebie U-pick zone. Stay tuned.

Here are the tomato varieties I have: 24 Better Boy, seven Fresh Salsa Hybrid, six Bush Early Girl Hybrid, eight SuperSauce Hybrid and five Celebrity Hybrid.
Before I counted today, I had given away six plants to my friends Joyce and Francis, though I'm not sure if they (the tomatoes) survived. There's something sad about gently pulling out a giant tomato plant and sending it home with someone else, because those babies almost immediately wilt. It's a little like sending your children out into the world: They may wilt at first, but you hope all the effort and prayer and years and tears have given them strong roots on which to build the rest of their lives. Amen.

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